From The Bottom Up Foundation is a registered non-profit providing diaper assistance to the families of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.  We collect and distribute diapers to our partnering agencies within Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. 

Our Mission

To create a lasting solution to diaper need for the families of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.


Shaping the future of those in need by providing necessary resources, infrastructure and programs to enhance the quality of life for the families of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. 


Diapers are expensive—they can cost $70 to $80 or more each month. As a result, parents with limited means often try to make do without them, try to stretch their supply by leaving babies in dirty diapers longer or re-use  disposable diapers. A diaper is a small thing, but can make an impact in a big way.

Not having enough diapers means that parents can’t leave their children with a childcare provider, since most require parents to provide a daily number of disposable diapers for their children. This limits a parents ability to go to work to earn money.

Not having enough diapers can mean longer time between changes, which can lead to severe diaper rash and other health problems.

Not having diapers means that babies cry more often because their diaper is dirty, directly translating into increased stress for parents struggling to make ends meet.

Not having diapers can adversely affect a parent's feeling of self-worth. 

The need is tremendous— healthy child will require an average of 50 diaper changes a week, translating approximately 2600 diaper changes a year.