“It has helped me in a way that I know that I can make it month to month with enough food for my family and never have to worry about diapers. I don’t think I could have ever been this stable without their help.” 
— Shino (member since April 2016) 
“Every penny counts. Diapers are a need and are expensive. The fact that you provide a whole box of them and drop them off at our door is very helpful. I haven’t heard of a free program like yours. It’s great.”  
— Rebecca (member since April 2016)
“ Taking away the stress around diapers has had an unmeasurable positive effect upon mine, and my sons’ lives.”
— Beth (member since January 2017) 
“ It has helped me save money from buying diapers so I could afford to take a course to better my future.”
— Mich (member since June 2016) 
“It was a very helpful program because diapers can be very expensive.  As a single mother having to budget is challenging. But the bottoms up program saved me about 100 a month I appreciated the help. You guys have an amazing program and thank you guy’s. Keep up the good work! ”
— Ash (member since August 2016)
”It’s helped me because I don’t have to stress about having enough money every month to buy diapers.”
— Tanya (member since March 2017)
”My partner and I moved to Vancouver from Toronto with a one-year-old son and then shortly after I got pregnant again. It was extremely difficult to make ends meet for awhile and we even had to go to the food bank at times. To have a constant stream of diapers we didn’t have to worry about how we would afford them and that was beyond helpful. I can’t express how much help this organization is because without them we would have struggled immensely just trying to put diapers on our babies. We are forever grateful for their support.”
— Elle (member since July 2016)