How We Do It

From The Bottom Up Foundation and its efforts are only possible with the help of the amazing people we work with. From our volunteers to our partnering agencies, each member of our team plays a crucial role in providing diaper assistance to the families in need in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside (DTES). 

From The Bottom Up Foundation takes care of finding, purchasing, receiving and distributing different sizes of diapers to agencies within the DTES who already work with and understand the families in need of our services. 

We work closely with these agencies to identify families that stand to gain the most from receiving help with the financial burden of providing diapers. Our goal is to promote stable and healthy families now, and well into the future.

Although we may only be providing diaper assistance to families today, our requirements for parents to qualify for our support ensure that we provide assistance to families who are looking to change their living situation from the bottom up. 




“ Taking away the stress around diapers has had an unmeasurable positive effect upon mine, and my sons’ lives.” - Beth (member since January 2017)

“It has helped me save money from buying diapers so I could afford to take a course to better my future.” - Mich (member since June 2016)

”It’s helped me because I don’t have to stress about having enough money every month to buy diapers.” - Tanya (member since March 2017)

”It has helped me in a way that I know that I can make it month to month with enough food for my family and never have to worry about diapers. I don’t think I could have ever been this stable without their help.” – Shino (member since April 2016)

“Every penny counts. Diapers are a need and are expensive. The fact that you provide a whole box of them and drop them off at our door is very helpful. I haven’t heard of a free program like yours. It’s great.” – Rebecca (member since April 2016)

”My partner and I moved to Vancouver from Toronto with a one-year-old son and then shortly after I got pregnant again. It was extremely difficult to make ends meet for awhile and we even had to go to the food bank at times. To have a constant stream of diapers we didn’t have to worry about how we would afford them and that was beyond helpful. I can’t express how much help this organization is because without them we would have struggled immensely just trying to put diapers on our babies. We are forever grateful for their support.” - Michelle (member since June 2016)