2016 Diaper Rumble Fundraising Event

Thank You!

From everyone at From The Bottom Up Foundation, we would like to sincerely thank all participants in taking part in our first ever Diaper Rumble Fundraiser! Thanks to your generosity, we successfully raised over $450 dollars and collected 700+ diapers that will go directly towards eliminating the diaper need for 14 families in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside in October. Pretty amazing right?

Many children are still in dire need of diapers, and From The Bottom Up Foundation continues to expand our efforts to empower and support these families. With your continuing donations, and determination to learn how to kick ass with Eastside Boxing Club,  together we can eliminate diaper need for even more families each and every month.  Stay tuned for our next Diaper Rumble set to take place in November. 

The Difference a Diaper Makes

When you think of a diaper, what do you think?

The answer is probably along the lines of: fabric underwear that keeps kids (and their surroundings)clean and hygienic, while they figure out the finer points of potty-training. The reality is that these little white wonders affect almost all areas of childhood development. Diapers can cost anywhere from $40.00 to $100.00+ a month, depending on the type and quantity purchased. Spending on diapers can take away from spending in areas like food, clothing, childcare and medicine. Financial burden can extremely divisive within families; studies have estimated that the percentage of divorces caused by financial burden is upwards of 45% - the leading cause of divorces by far. Alleviating the financial burden caused by diapers can improve all aspects of family relationships: both parent-to- child and parent-to- parent.

The vast majority of childcare services require parents to provide diapers in bulk at the beginning ofeach week – usually anywhere between 8 to 10 a day. Parents unable to meet this requirement due to limited finances can be forced to remain at home, out of the workforce. In a distressing catch-22, this increases financial strain all while preventing parents from taking action to alleviate it by working.

Keeping kids in old or used diapers is also associated with a number of health risks like discomfort and irritation, rashes and infections. Uncomfortable children are likely to spend more time crying, which can cause parents to be more stressed and putting further strain on the parent-child relationship. We’ve all seen the quintuplets-laughing video and its ability to put a smile on our faces. Happy kids are a joy to be around and bring families together. Having a consistent supply of clean, fresh diapers can help enormously to ensure that kids spend as much time as possible in a good mood, ready to explore and learn about the world.

Finally, the act of diapering itself can be a source of bonding and connection between parent and child. Situations in which parents are unable to provide an adequate supply of fresh diapers can lead to parental insecurities or feelings of guilt. This again puts strain on family relationships and can debase an experience that could otherwise be healthy, positive and constructive.

The bottom line (pardon the pun) is that helping families that are experiencing these struggles is well within all of our grasps. A consistent supply of fresh diapers in-and- of-itself will not solve underlying issues that cause these types of situations to arise. What it will do is greatly help alleviate stress within families, and allow parents and children to connect with each other unconstrained by one of the burdens that they must otherwise shoulder every day. Happier kids and happier families mean happier neighbourhoods, communities and cities. There is something in it for everyone; and especially the children in need. What we’re asking is that you help spread happiness for those who are in need. With something as simple as a diaper, you can help support much more than just a baby’s bottom.




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